Key to Success
Single Minded Approach is Key to Successful Business

by Virginia Sabedra, CCHt.
Key to Success
About Virginia
Why is it that Larry can begin a brand new business and have his business become a huge
success in almost no time at all? Why is it that Larry can sell his thriving business to James,
who has the same apparent resources, enthusiasm and hardworking characteristics as Larry,
only to have that same business close within a year? What is it that gives one person the
Midas touch and gives another person the kiss of something else?

The answer may surprise you. It is not only hard work, enthusiasm, money and the right
connections that make or break a business. Granted, these things are very important and are
necessary components for building a successful business. However, there is a tremendously
important factor that most people overlook - a significant factor missed because this
paramount component is hidden where most people fail to look.

Many business people believe that doing their homework, obtaining the financial backing,
and combining these with their enthusiasm and hard work should guarantee success. They
very well can if they are clear on all levels.

Being clear on all levels means being congruent inside your own mind in both the conscious
mind and the subconscious mind with what it is you want to accomplish. The difference
between our enterprising friends mentioned earlier is that Larry is single-minded about his
business while James is unknowingly double-minded about his.

Being double-minded is a great breeding ground for self-sabotaging behavior. In James case,
consciously he does all the right things, letter by letter. Subconsciously, because of some old,
negative beliefs he picked up somewhere along his life, a part of him sets him up for failure.
Because James' conscious and subconscious minds are not in agreement, his thinking is not
clear, and he finds himself subject to such things as making bad business calls, forgetting to
take proper business precautions, and/or getting involved in "accidents," and so on. If you
doubt this self-sabotaging phenomenon, consider the findings of our scientific community that
tells us our subconscious mind makes up 85% of our brain power. That is a lot of brain power
that could very well be working against us rather than for us in many areas of our lives.

Until James' underlying, contradicting beliefs about his business and success capabilities are
somehow changed, those old, forgotten beliefs continue to run on automatic and poor James
is left wondering where he is going wrong. Or worse, James is left blaming outside
circumstances for his failure such as the economy, the government, the neighborhood, the flu,
never having a clue that it is his subconscious mind at work.

Inside our minds at the subconscious level may be lodged old, outdated fears, negative patterns,
or perhaps nothing more than simple misunderstandings that took place long ago that can now
affect or deny our intended goals and dreams. This is the underlying factor, our innermost beliefs
factor, that is the missing component many business and working people fail to explore let alone
recognize exists.

Fortunately, James discovered he was double-minded about his business success. Through a
holistic process, James discovered he was sabotaging his own best interests. In James' case,
all the money, enthusiasm, and hard work could never be enough until James cleared two
underlying family beliefs that he was unknowingly carrying around deep inside his mind. The
first belief was that money is bad, and the second was that no one in his family could ever
succeed in any business venture no matter how great or small.

By looking inside, James not only recognized the underlying cause of his self-defeating
behavior but was able to improve areas in both his business and personal life as well. Armed
with his "inside information," James was able to update his subconscious belief about money
and transform his subconscious fear that he was bound to fail. As a result, James' double-
mindedness naturally and automatically began to come together into single-mindedness leading
to a joyful and successful business.

So much importance is given to outside circumstances that we have forgotten to look inside
ourselves to find out what it is that truly makes us "tick," to see why we have certain "buttons",
and why it is we behave in ways not beneficial to our well-being in business as well as in our
personal lives.

Looking inside ourselves and learning how to maximize ourselves for the better is tremendously
self-empowering. Knowing that we are single-minded, both consciously and subconsciously, in
whatever we wish to accomplish truly opens the door to our full potential.

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