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What Happens
After My Initial Eight Week Progam?

After your initial eight week Training for the Mind program is completed and if you would like to continue your advancement in the art and application of deliberate self-direction through Mind Performance Coaching, you have the option of continuing on a month to month basis. Month to Month Coaching includes four coaching sessions per month and usually with the same hour and day arrangement. Here, in addition to your month to month advanced coaching, emphasis will be on deliberate manifestation excercises utilizing the power of the wonderful subconscious resource each of us was born with.

You may choose to go on a six-month, once-a-month Personal Fitness Training for the Mind maintenance program through Mind Performance Coaching. We will meet once a month for a six-month period of time to keep you on track and to check in with any subject you might want to work on. This is a great way to keep that Mind Muscle flexible and fit. You will be in a world that for the most part does not understand the power of the mind and helps to keep yourself from forgetting what you have learned: Keeping up your practice by keeping yourself in check. It’s easy, fun and powerful now that you will know the key principles of the mind.

After the initial Personal Fitness Training for the Mind eight week program, you also have the option of single, stand alone sessions whenever you might want one. Some of the ways clients use these single sessions, are: test preparation, handling an immediate crisis, preparing for a speaking engagement or job interview, relationship breakup, award or performance jitters, mind tune-up, attitude adjustment, resetting or rebalancing self.

If you would like to discuss my Mind Performance Coaching further, would like more information, or are ready to set up your initial Mind Performance Coaching Program, you are welcome to email me at or call me at (916) 422-6538. Remember, the intention of these programs and sessions is to empower you to develop and become proficient in your own self-help and improvement skills.

I wish you well and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you on your journey toward personal growth, well-being, happiness, balance and renewal.
Mission Statement:
To honor and promote the creative and healing center of our being, the genius we were born with, the power that is in every one of us waiting and yearning to prove its existance. ---- Virginia Sabedra
Key to Success