Virginia Sabedra, CCHt.
" My primary work is to teach my clients how to utilize their own personal resources to enhance and improve all aspects of their lives mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is truly personal training for the mind because everything begins with the mind."

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Virginia Sabedra, CCHt.
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The Art and Application of Personal & Deliberate Self Direction
What is Mind Performance Coaching?

Mind Performance Coaching is a private, one-on-one personal training for the Mind. It is learning the art and application of personal and deliberate self direction. It is a new dimension in coaching and a powerful interactive approach that assists you in becoming aware of self limiting beliefs and learning how to overcome stress, blocks, fears, negative behavior and more that can sabotage or slow down or stop your best conscious efforts. Mind Performance Coaching assists and teaches you to utilize the power of your own mind so that you can effectively move toward enhancing and achieving your intended well-being, your health, your goals, your dreams, your happiness and success.
"What Can I Expect from Mind Performance Coaching?"
* Coaching begins with an eight week program where we meet privately by telephone once a week for approximately one hour each week. Within the program our target, of course, is what you are working towards accomplishing or resolving or improving..

* Within each coaching program, time will be spent learning about self-sabotage, how to recognize when you are in it, and what to do to change it; you will learn how you may be re-creating a problem, or “looping” and how to break through this; you will learn how to deliberately transform negative tendencies to assist yourself in moving forward; you will learn how and when you unknowingly may have been hypnotizing yourself into unwanted behavior and you will learn how to exchange that for positive, life-enhancing and life-supporting behavior; and more.

* Methodologies you will experience and learn can and may include NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Energy Tapping, Accupressure points, self-hypnosis and other energy field techniques and tools that you can utilize on your own any time you desire.

* You will begin to learn the powerful language of the subconscious mind. It is so very important to become acquainted with what you are thinking AND feeling. When a person is thinking or wanting one thing, but the feeling doesn't match, then this is where the struggle begins. I call this being double-minded (see my article “Key to Success”). For example, the subconscious is always saying yes to us. If we say or think “I don't want to be fearful”, the subconscious only feels (reads) the fear and says yes and gives us more fear. Another example might be saying or thinking, “I want to be wealthy”, but if the general feeling is a feeling of lack, again the subconscious feels (reads) the feeling of lack and then helps you to produce more lack to support that feeling of lack, even while you are thinking or wanting or affirming wealth. You will learn how to identify and correct double-minded tendencies.

* During your training for the mind program, you will have some homework. Homework will include various forms of deliberate mind performance applications that you can practice any time, anywhere and in the privacy of your own mind. The entire program is designed for your own self-empowerment. Through the education you will receive, you will begin to recognize what you have been doing that can create the "glue" to what is not wanted. And you will know exactly what to do to put yourself back on course to what you do want. Of course, in addition to learning excellent tools, I also guide you through and facilitate energy field technologies to help you further toward enhancing and improving your personal state of being, achieving your goals and mastering your self-empowerment.

* Through your programs, you will begin to understand and experience that everything does begin with our thoughts and feelings and that Mind Performance Coaching is truly personal training for the Mind.

Everything Begins with the Mind
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